About PD Tandon


Born in Shahjahanpur Uttar Pradesh, in a middle class family, he came to Allahabad as a 12th class student in Ewing Christian College.
Since then he is attached to Allahabad and its history. He took journalism as his profession and then there was no looking back. He represented a large number of newspapers and many magazines. He is the author of fifty books in Hindi and English, of which many were translated into Urdu and Tamil.
These books give us a deep insight of the great luminaries and their close association with Tandon. They included Gandhiji, Nehruji, Indira, Jai Prakash Narayan and many others.
When he came to Allahabad, he came in contact with famous personalities and he actively plunged into the freedom struggle. During this period he was imprisoned in Naini Jail (Allahabad), for a period of sixteen months where he gained rich experience with the freedom fighters.
Tandon was a member of UP legislative council for a period of sixteen years, and in the 1970�s he was a minister in Kamlapati Tripathi government in UP.
He left the government with a very clean image as he was not a seasoned politician and an idealist.
He was a rare combination of a politician and a journalist. He was Chairman of Hindustan Photo films in early eighties.
Tandon was a unique combination of brains and the gift of the gab. He had a large number of admirers from all walks of life – Lawyers, doctors, professors, missionaries and people of many NGOs .
He could hold his admirers in rapt attention for hours because of his unending narrations.
Today the city of Allahabad is incomplete without the �dynamic P. D. Tandon�. He was a guiding light to academicians, media and journalists. His small house on Elgin Road has housed many stalwarts who were very comfortable in this house , without any comforts, by the hospitality and the generosity shown by Tandon and his wife , who worked jointly to make their guest comfortable.
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